Friday, March 31, 2006

call me the breeze

while you still have some.

cloud cotton

let there be cloud.

bihareeee browneeee


shola's got groove

and then she made the sign of the 'v'.

one bush hill

mosey! stop talking to the bush.

kubla heard from afar

and here were gardens, ancient as the hills.

blackback mountain

verdant shola.

with hair

jimi by the mountain side.

a longer way up

locals said an hour and a half's walk. locals lie.

along the watchtower

standard malu enterprise. watchman rented out the place. threw in a weathercock as well.




meanwhile at a 20° pan to the right, nine malu jeep drivers want to be in the picture


unexpectedly darted at us. small stumble party in the galleries.

shoe shop with a view

foot fetish i have

rock all star


teahouse top


stilts silly

strange displaced part lankan tribe in near pagan and badly rehearsed ritual